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World Heavyweight Champion

Joe Frazier statue

Frazier vs Daniels

1 min. and 47 sec into the forth round it was over, Joe Frazier had crashed Terry Daniels completely, a few seconds before that, Frazier knocked Daniels to the mat and who managed to get up on the 9. Frazier didn’t let go and kept coming after him hard, chasing him him all over the ring. The referee decided to help Daniels stay alive, so he called it – Joe Frazier won and defended his title.

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Mike Tyson

Tyson’s First

Iron Mike knocks down Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas- Only 20 years old Mike Tyson takes a shot at the title, knocks out Trevor Berbick in round 2 and and wins WBC heavyweight championship. The bully from Brooklyn becomes a champ. if he only stayed that way.

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George Foreman

The Sundown Showdown

It took George Foreman 275 sec. to become the heavyweight champion. in those seconds, Joe Frazier, who held the title, discovered how it feels like when your head is punched by a hammer, meaning Foreman fists.

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Gene Tunney

Tunney beats Dempsey

Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney, A new champ is born- Two boxing legends met on the ring in Philadelphia and a new champion was born – Gene Tunney defeated Jack Dempsey in 10 rounds (a points win) and won the world heavyweight boxing title.

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Muhammad Ali

Ali beats Liston

At the age of 22, Muhammad Ali (then still Cassius Clay), the greatest boxer ever, beats Sonny Liston in round 7 (by technical knockout) and wins the world heavyweight boxing title.

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James Figg

The First Champ

Here comes the first champ- 06/19/1719- The British boxer, James Figg, wins the first world championship in heavyweight boxing. Customary at the time competition is held with bare fists.

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