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Hugo Sánchez

Sanchez for 2

Hugo Sanchez, one of the greatest scorers in Real Madrid history scores 2 goals (one of them in a penalty kick), in a 4-0 win for Real over Cádiz CF.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Arches

Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrates once more why he is worthy of the title- the greatest striker in the world today- in the game vs Levante Ronaldo Arches the ball with a kick that sends the ball above the goalie and into the right high corner of the net.

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Ronaldinho’ Solo

Yes, it’s another wonder goal for Ronaldinho- Ronaldinho gets the ball near the half line and goes for a solo fast break from the left wing, he passes one defender, tricks another and then, well, Iker Casilla, Real’s goalie, didn’t really have a chance.

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David Beckham

Beckham’s Gold Cross

Ronaldo, this one is for you. with love, David Beckham- Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza: at the 9th min. a collaboration between two masters made football magic – Beckham made a guided-missile-like pass to Ronaldo, who in parallel got in the box, the result? GOALLLL!

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Martín Palermo

Palermo the Titan

The match when were crowned the world’s best team beating Real Madrid’s team of Galacticos. Palermo scores both goals and becomes a true legend of the game.

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Real Madrid CF

Real Without Mercy

Ajax vs Real: Real Madrid won on Amsterdam Arena with 4-0. Despite the fact they already qualified for the next stage in the Champions league, Madrid players played an enjoyable football scoring goal after goal.

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leo messi

Magical Messi

It was a exciting match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both teams played well. But it was Lionel Messi who played outstandingly. Messi scored 2 goals in a row and Barcelona won the match in 2-0.

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Luís Figo

Pig in the Sky

A decapitated pig’s head along with empty cans, lighters, and bottles were thrown at Luis Figo by Barcelona fans while taking corners after his move to Real Madrid.

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