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New York Knicks

New Jersey Nets

Buck On the Buzzer

Nets vs. Knicks: The Buck Williams- Mickey Johnson duo wins the game for the Nets, with a on the buzzer alleyoop, that ended in 2 points for New Jersey. Johnson started the play, Williams ended it and there you go: 102-100 win for the Nets. Albert King also had a little bit to do with the match result, delivering 20 pts, that night. One of my most remembered games.

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Willis Reed

Willis Reed scores

Of all the inspiring field goals scored in NBA history, two were made by Willis Reed in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals. His devoutness made all the difference for the Knicks, who then won the game and the title.

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Wilt Chamberlain

100 Point Game

The moment Wilt Chamberlain jumped high above the five Knicks to score an alley hoop dunk to bring his team’s score to the century mark, the moment immediately got immortalized in the annals of NBA history as one of the best ever.

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