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Liverpool FC

Rush Win 4 Liverpool

Liverpool vs. Spurs: 30 sec. to the end of the match, the box score shows 1-1, but Ian Rush, as a true red, goes for the win and scores a win-match goal (hi 20th goal that season), 2-1 for Liverpool.

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Thomas Kicks It In

1988-89 season had a dramatic ending- Arsenal and Liverpool, the two contenders, met in the final season round. Arsenal needed to win by 2 goals to earn the title, Liverpool needed that not to happen. Alan Smith’s header took Arsenal to 1-0, at the last min. in extra time, when its seemed all hope is lost for Arsenal, came along Michael Thomas and earned himself a place in football history

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Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs win again

Tottenham Hotspur – Liverpool 2-1- Tottenham managed to beat Liverpool on White Hart Lane. Although, at the end of the first half they were one goal behind, they managed to make a successful comeback. 

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Internazionale Milano

Maldini last Final

Milan-Liverpool 2-1- It was the Champions League final of 2007. Milan played against Liverpool, Having Paolo Maldini as their captain. This time, they managed to win the trophy.

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