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Zico’s Free Kick

Brazil vs Scotland, 1982 world cup (First Group Round): Zico, The legendary Brazilian footballer, demonstrates how a free kick should be done – he kicks a strong curved ball, right in the right top corner. Brazil won that game 4-1.

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Pele Magic Trick

I’m coming from the left, i coming from the right, i’ll never tell. Pele- An illustration to why Pele is the greatest ever, came in the Brazil vs Uruguay (1970 cup) match – Tostao sends a pass to Pele, who makes a brilliant trick on Uruguay’s Goalie, running around him from the left.

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Brazil national football team

Brazil’s Third Title

Pele, Gerson, Jairzinho and Tostao in one team, it’s no wonder Italy didn’t stand a chance. 1970 world cup final game – Brazil wins 4-1 and gets her third title. Probably the greatest football team in history.

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Ronaldinho 2005

Ronaldinho’s brilliant display of skills in the 2005 confederations cup final against Argentina. Ronaldinho scored a goal and created numerous chances in the 4-1 win for Brazil. Go Ronaldinho.

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Roberto Carlos

Wonder goal!!! Brazil vs. France

Roberto Carlos shocked the whole world by hitting an amazing Free Kick. Who would have thought Roberto Carlos incorporated physics in his game, no wonder his magical goal against France in 1997 left everyone hypnotized. The ball took such a trajectory that France could do nothing but watch.  His goal is still remembered as the greatest free kick ever.

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Impossible is Nothing!!! Brazil vs. England

Ronaldinho came, saw, hit and took his team into the semifinal. When, it comes to the 3R’s of Brazil, there is never a distinguishable boundary between the possible and the impossible. And The England vs. Brazil match of the 2002 world cup saw Ronaldinho at it once again when he goaled off an apparently unattainable free kick 42 yards wide of the goal, single-handedly handing England a “ that’s how you do it” card.

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1998 FIFA World Cup

FIFA France 1998

Claim to Fame: France managed to win themselves their first FIFA Cup, while they were also playing host to the tournament. Double treat all around!!!

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