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The Olympic Games

who is the greatest?

Olympic Fire

In the 1928 Olympic Games held in Amsterdam, a new tradition is born – the Olympic torch is set on fire for the first time. The torch relay race between the five continents, was added to that tradition in the 1932 Olympic Games.

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Paavo Nurmi

The Flying Finn

Paavo Nurmi runs to the gold- During the Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium, Paavo Nurmi, the legendary Finnish runner wins 3 gold medals in cross-country running: 10,000m, cross country event, and the cross country team event.

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Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny gets the gold

Johnny Weissmuller conquers the Olympic pool in Paris 1924 by wining 3 gold medals (100m freestyle, 400m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle). In each event Weissmuller sets a new world record.

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Aladár Gerevich

Gerevich’s Gold

Aladar Gerevich, the greatest Olympic swordsman ever- At the 1932 Olympic games in L.A, Aladar Gerevich (at the age of 22), the Hungarian fencer wins a gold medal. It was the first of 6 gold medals won by Gerevich in six consecutive Olympic games.

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1924 Winter Olympics

Winter is coming

The first winter Olympic games are held in Mooney, France. From then on, the Olympic Winter Games are held parallel to the summer games. From 1994 Winter Games are held 2 years after the Summer Games.

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Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie

At the age of 15, Sonja Henie stunned the figure skating world, she won the gold medal In the 1928 winter Olympics. Henie was the first to combine into her performance modern choreography and designed costumes.

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Emil Zátopek

The Czech Locomotive

In Helsinki 1952 a new Olympic hero is born: Emil Zatopek, a Czech long-distance runner, wins 3 gold medals in 5,000m,10,000 m and the marathon. 1952 games were the first event in which Zatopek ran a marathon.

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Inge de Bruijn

De Bruijn Gold

Sydney Olympic games: Inge de Bruijn makes a phenomenal comeback to the Olympic pool. She wins the gold in: 100m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, and sets new world records in each of those events.

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Tara Lipinski, the wunderkind has grown nicely

Tara, the Wunderkind

Olympic Winter Games 1998: at the age of 15, young Tara Lipinski basically still a child, wins the gold medal in figure skating. Just a year before that Lipinski won the world figure skating championship.

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By Kelly_Holmes_at_Athens_2004.jpg: Russell Garnerderivative work: MachoCarioca (talk) - Kelly_Holmes_at_Athens_2004.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10291638

Miss Endurance

Kelly Holmes had worked hard for this day. In Atlanta 1996 she failed to gain a medal due to injuries, in Sydney she won a bronze medal (800 m), but In 2004 she finally got her wish – Olympic gold (800m,1500m).

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Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard Wins

Athens: Amanda Beard becomes a swimming pool queen when she gets the gold and sets a world record in 200m breaststroke – 2:22.44 min. Beard also won the silver in 200m indie medley and the 4x100m medley relay.

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