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Sally Fitzgibbons

Surfing Sally

The young Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, wins Billabong Rio Pro 2012, beating her rival Coco Ho. Ho and Fitzgibbons were tight up until the end.

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Layne Beachley

The Way She Rides

at Ours, Maroubra, Sydney, Australia, Layne Beachley shows some amazing surfing skills, riding a deep deep tube. That performance earned her the “Ride of the Year Entry” title on the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards for 2010.

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Royalty in the Pool

07/12/1912- 1912 Stockholm: Hawaiian prince and the swimmer, Faaoah “Duke” Kahanmko, wins an Olympic gold medal in 100m freestyle swimming. Kahanmko was also an excellent wave surfer.

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Wave surfing Is On

01/01/1777- During his voyage to the South Pacific, the explorer James Cook gets to the island of Tahiti. Cook and his team reports seeing Tahiti natives wave surfing.

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