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La Liga

Hugo Sánchez

Sanchez for 2

Hugo Sanchez, one of the greatest scorers in Real Madrid history scores 2 goals (one of them in a penalty kick), in a 4-0 win for Real over Cádiz CF.

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Lionel Messi

You never forget your first, Messi for Barcelona

Barcelona vs. Albacete: a young (17 years old) Argentine footballer makes his first steps as a La-Liga player, his name was Lionel Messi. In min. 45 match Messi scores his first goal for Barca (Ronaldinho made the assist) when he kicks the ball above Albacete’s goalie. few minutes before Messi scored another goal in the game, but was ruled out as an offside (and rightly so).

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Arches

Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrates once more why he is worthy of the title- the greatest striker in the world today- in the game vs Levante Ronaldo Arches the ball with a kick that sends the ball above the goalie and into the right high corner of the net.

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Ronaldinho’ Solo

Yes, it’s another wonder goal for Ronaldinho- Ronaldinho gets the ball near the half line and goes for a solo fast break from the left wing, he passes one defender, tricks another and then, well, Iker Casilla, Real’s goalie, didn’t really have a chance.

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Ronaldinho’ Slalom

Ronaldinho is my name and scoring goals is my game- Ronaldinho, got the ball from Barca’s goalie and started running, 3 of Sevilla’s defenders tried to stop him and gave in to his dribbling ability. He finished the attack with a mighty kick and a true cool goal.

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David Beckham

Beckham’s Gold Cross

Ronaldo, this one is for you. with love, David Beckham- Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza: at the 9th min. a collaboration between two masters made football magic – Beckham made a guided-missile-like pass to Ronaldo, who in parallel got in the box, the result? GOALLLL!

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who is the greatest?

Pig in the Sky

02.11.2002, Claim to Fame: A decapitated pig’s head along with empty cans, lighters, and bottles were thrown at Luis Figo by Barcelona fans while taking

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