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Simms Throws

Super Bowl XXI was a shining moment in Phil Simms’ life as a quarterback and a New York Giants player. In the greatest game he gave ever, Simms completed 22 out of 25 passes for 268 yards and led the Giants to a 39-20 win on the Denver Broncos. Bill Parcells, the Giants coach, said it best: “This might be the best game a quarterback has ever played”.

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Brett Favre

The Miracle Pass

Vikings vs 49ers: 12 sec to the end and San Francisco got the lead. Brett Favre sends a 32-yard pass that is caught in air by Greg Lewis who lands in the back End Zone, to make a last 2 sec wining touchdown.

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Tim Tebow

In Tebow We Trust

It’s Tebowing time- Broncos vs. Jets: less then a minute to end, QB Tebow, Jesus messenger for the NFL, saves the day one more time with a beautiful 20-yard touchdown run. 17-13 win for the Broncos.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Jerome Simpson 360

Jerome Simpson flies in the air on his way to an amazing touchdown- Cincinnati vs. Arizona: Jerome Simpson, gets the ball, runs forward and makes a somersault over the Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington to land right in the End Zon, standing on both feet!!!

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Shaun Alexander

Alexander’s 28th TD

Shaun Alexander, the Seahawks running back, sets a new NFL record for most touchdowns in single season – 28 TD. Alexander made his 28th touchdown in the second quarter of the Seattle 23-17 loss to the Packers.

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Green Bay Packers

The Ice Bowl

Football on ice: Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys 1967- The temperatures on the field dropped down to -13° F, the players and fans almost froze, but didn’t stop the Green Bay Packers from playing and beating (21-17) the Dallas Cowboys, in the NFL championship game.

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Jerry Rice

Rice, All The Way

Super Bowl XXIII: Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver of all time, showed that even when he is injured, he can surpass all of Cincinnati Bengals players, and took San Francisco 49ers al the way to the win: 20-16.

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Sebastian Janikowski

Janikowski kicks 63

Sebastian Janikowski Oakland’s placekicker makes NFL history when he kicks a 63-yard field goal at Oakland vs Denver game. Janikowski tied the NFL record set by Tom Dempsey (1970) and Jason Elam (1998).

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Green Bay Packers

The Packers Win

The Packers beat the Giants at the 1961 NFL championship game – 37 – 0!!!, and win their first title under coach Vince Lombardi. The birth moment of one of the most powerful dynasties in pro football.

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Lawrence Taylor

Taylor’s birth

Lawrence Julius Taylor, one of the finest defensive players in NFL history, was born in Williamsburg. He played his entire 13-season career with the NY Giants and redefined the position of Outside Linebacker.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Undefeated

Miami dolphins, such perfection!- Super Bowl VII: The Miami Dolphins beat Washington Redskins 14-7 and finish a legendary season. Miami become the first (and so far the only) team in NFL history to complete a perfect undefeated season.

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"Broadway Joe" holds the ball

Namath’s prophecy

Few days before super bowl 3 Joe Namath, the Jets QB, guaranteed his fans an easy win in the game vs the Baltimore Colts. What seemed at the time as an act of hubris, came true when the jets won the game.

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Peyton Manning

2006 AFC Collision

AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts 38, New England Patriots 34. I think most people probably thought the Patriots were going to take this one but counting the Colts out is just stupid.

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