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Joe DiMaggio

The Yankee Clipper

Hit me baby one more time- Joe DiMaggio, sets an amazing hitting record – hits in 56 consecutive games. The hitting streak ended at the game vs. Cleveland. DiMaggio played for the Yankees 1736 games and led the team to 9 world titles.

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Chicago Cubs

116 Wins Record

01/01/1906- Once upon a time Chicago Cubs ruled the league. In 1906 they set a new season league record- winning 116 games (out of 152). They lost the championship that year, but won the title in 1907 and 1908.

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David Wells

David Wells

David Wells, the Yankees pitcher, becomes the 15th player to pitch a perfect game. He did that in a game vs Minnesota Twins. It’s hard to believe, but Wells says he made his perfect game while being hung over.

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Kirk Gibson

Despite the pain

Dodgers’ Kirk Gibson hits a home run in the first game of the 1988 world series. Gibson, hobbled by an injured right knee, made a surprise appearance in the bottom of the 9th inning and led his team to victory.

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Jackie Robinson, a true American hero

Robinson- Dodgers

Jackie Robinson Signs with Brooklyn Dodgers and breaks the color barrier in baseball. Robinson becomes the first ever African American to acquire a Major League Baseball paycheck.

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Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds- 762

Let send this ball home for the last time, Barry Bonds- The San Francisco Giants hitter Barry Bonds, hits his 762 and final home run and sets a new MLB record. A month before that bonds hit his 756 HR and broke the previous record set by Hank Aaron.

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Boston Red Sox

The Curse is broken

2004 was the Boston year- Boston Red Sox Win First World Series Since 1918. The St. Louis Cardinals gave up to our title hunger and lost the series 4:0. Did someone missed the victory parade? don’t think so.

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