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4 Mile Record

New Zealand’s team sets a new world record in 4×1 Mile Relay – 16:02.8 min. The new record is a 6.2 sec. improvement of the previous record, set by Oregon College in 1962.

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Al Feuerbach

Al Feuerbach Puts a New Record

At the age of 25, Al Feuerbach, one of the greatest athletes in Shot-putting, sets a new world record throwing the metal ball to a distance of 21.82m. He later said, his record was a result of 11 years of hard work.

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Carmelita Jeter

American Women

Remember the names: Carmelita Jeter, Allyson Felix, Tianna Madison, Bianca Knight. In London 2012, Those four women, that also go by the name – U.S women’s 4x100m relay team, broke a 32 years old world record (set by the East Germany team in 1980) with the record time of- 40.82 sec.

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who is the greatest?

Heiring Walks

The U.S. athlete Jim Heiring sets a new world record in 1500m Racewalking – 5:27 min. Racewalking seems like an odd sport, but it a lot more harder than it looks, try it and you will see for yourselves.

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Oda Wins For Asia

Being the first is a great way to get yourself into the history books, a lesson that Mikio Oda implemented at the 1928 Olympic Games, when made a triple jump to a distance of 15.21. Oda’s jump earned him the gold medal in the triple jump event and by that made him the first ever Japanese athlete (and also the first Asian athlete) to win an Olympic gold medal.

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Usain Bolt

The Bolt Express

They said he is tired, they said he is arrogant, they said his time was done, well…9.63 seconds after the gun went off, Usain Bolt made them sing to different tune. At the 100m sprint in London 2012 Bolt set a new Olympic record and made it clear once more – he is here and he isn’t going anywhere.

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Usain Bolt, The lightening

Bolt 2 for 2

London 2012: Usain Bolt adds another Olympic gold medal to his trophies Room, this time in 200m run, setting a time of 19.32. Bolt gold medal made him the first athlete in history to win the gold in 100m and 200m in two consecutive Olympic Games (Beijing 2008 and London 2012).

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Usain Bolt, The lightening

Jamaica’s 36.84

If any one had any doubt that Jamaica has become the land of the sprinters, came the 4X100 relay final in London 2012 to ensure them. Yohan Blake, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater contributed their part but it was Usain Bolt (who else) who ran the forth leg and led Jamaica to the gold and a new world record – 36.84 sec.

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Hicham El Guerrouj

Hicham Gold Run

Athens 2004: The Moroccan runner Hicham El Guerrouj sets another milestone in The Olympic Games history by winning the gold medal both in 1500m run and in the 5000m run.

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Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay Double

2007 World Championships in Athletics: The American runner Tyson Gay goes home with 3 gold medals an- in 100m sprint, 200m and in 4×100m relay- and becomes the king of the track that year

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Al Oerter

Oerter Third Gold

Tokyo Olympic games: Al Oerter shows the world the meaning of mind of body triumph when he fights through injuries and makes a record-beating discus toss to win his third consecutive gold medal.

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Carl Lewis

Lewis 4 gold medals

The 1984 Olympic Games: Carl Lewis, one America’s greatest track-and-field athletes could open a Jewelry shop, after wining 4 gold medals: 100-m, 200-m dashes, the long jump, and 4×100-m relay.

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Kirani James

Kirani gets the gold

World Athletics Championships: only 19 years old, Kirani James a runner from Grenada, wins the gold at 400m race. Kirani made 44.60 sec time, in his only fourth time to run 400m in a Pro-competition.

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Wyomia Tyus

She was fast!

The American track athlete Wyomia Tyus wins the 100m sprint at the 1968 Olympic games and sets a new world record of 11.08 sec. Tyus also won the gold medal in 100m 4 years before that, at the 1964 Olympics.

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Worst Marathon Ever

08/30/1904- At the Summer Olympics of 1904, the worst and most hilarious marathon in the Olympic history took place. From 31 participants, only half finished the event.

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Paavo Nurmi

The Flying Finn

Paavo Nurmi runs to the gold- During the Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium, Paavo Nurmi, the legendary Finnish runner wins 3 gold medals in cross-country running: 10,000m, cross country event, and the cross country team event.

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Mary Decker

2 Records In 1 Run

Despite her injuries and bad luck, Mary Decker succeeded to make athletic history: In one 3000m run, she broke 2 world records, clocking the first 2000m at 5 min. 53.4 sec. and finishing at 8 min. 47.3 sec.

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Emil Zátopek

The Czech Locomotive

In Helsinki 1952 a new Olympic hero is born: Emil Zatopek, a Czech long-distance runner, wins 3 gold medals in 5,000m,10,000 m and the marathon. 1952 games were the first event in which Zatopek ran a marathon.

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Roger Bannister

The Mile Barrier

Roger Bannister shows that there are no limits- It was considered impossible for any human, but Roger Bannister showed the world it can be done. The British runner made a new world record in the mile run – 3:59.4 min, and thus broke the famous “4min barrier”.

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By Kelly_Holmes_at_Athens_2004.jpg: Russell Garnerderivative work: MachoCarioca (talk) - Kelly_Holmes_at_Athens_2004.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10291638

Miss Endurance

Kelly Holmes had worked hard for this day. In Atlanta 1996 she failed to gain a medal due to injuries, in Sydney she won a bronze medal (800 m), but In 2004 she finally got her wish – Olympic gold (800m,1500m).

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