The short answer:

Basically we are couple guys who live for sport, but we work in tech jobs for the $. so this is our way to have some fun-time.

The long answer: is a new user-content sport site, written by sports fans, for sports fan, online since June 2011.

Who is the greatest athlete ever? That’s a question that troubled many, many, many young minds around the world for years, a question that made friends fight, got families torn apart (well, probably not, but you get the idea). Well it’s about time we’ll put our minds together and settle the score.

Is it Jordan? Pele? Ruth? or maybe it’s Jim Thorpe?

One thing is sure: the only people who should make that call are us, the sports fans. aims to do exactly that – let us, the sports fans, be the judge on who is a great athlete and who isn’t.

We do that by creating a website where you can log in and add the story about the great game of your idol, the game that made you think –well, he is definitely THE GREATEST.

But seriously, besides creating another arena for sports fans to argue and compete with one another, we have a more noble cause. is not just about information (we got Wikipedia for that).we aim to create a reflection of sports fans memories, memories of glory, memories of human spirit triumph: that great NBA game you saw with your father, the Home run by your baseball hero that made you join the little league, that wonderful Touchdown that your family kept talking about in the entire thanksgiving, that amazing goal that turn your mom into a “soccer mom”. was created first and foremost for sharing those memories with each other, and by doing so, honoring the great athletes who made them possible.

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