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Thomas Kicks It In

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1988-89 season had a dramatic ending- Arsenal and Liverpool, the two contenders, met in the final season round. Arsenal needed to win by 2 goals to earn the title, Liverpool needed that not to happen. Alan Smith's header took Arsenal to 1-0, at the last min. in extra time, when its seemed all hope is lost for Arsenal, came along Michael Thomas and earned himself a place in football history

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That min on the grass in Anfield, was all or nothing moment. Michael Thomas with the ball, last min. and no time for another attack. Bruce Grobbelaar came forward trying to stop Thomas, but the football god favored Arsenal that day. Thomas kicked to the right corner and… 2-0 for Arsenal. a first division title goal from the least expected footballer. That goal was the most exciting moment in Michael Thomas’ football career, but sometimes it takes only one goal to earn a place in history. In 1991 Thomas transferred to Liverpool.

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