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Real without mercy

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Ajax vs Real: Real Madrid won on Amsterdam Arena with 4-0. Despite the fact they already qualified for the next stage in the Champions league, Madrid players played an enjoyable football scoring goal after goal.

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It was groups Champions League match in which the result for Real Madrid almost did not matter, they were already qualified trough the next stage. But, you know Real, when the players come on the pitch, victory is the only thing on their minds, nothing else matters. Mourinho started the game with caution, keeping several key players on the bench, because in their next league match they will play against Barca in the much expected El Clasico.

The match started, and the Galactics dominated the pitch form the first minute, having several good scoring opportunities form the start. Ajax just could not keep up with an unlashed Real Madrid, having Mourinho at their helm to give precious indications.

After a half an hour of play, in which Real charged and charged again and Ajax just defended in number hoping for a miracle, the score was opened. It was Mesut Ozil who invented a genius pass with his hell and the first touch of Benzema who send the ball into the right corner of the post. The goalie didn’t had a chance.

Let me tell you, with Mourinho in command, Real played superbly so far, scoring goal after goal, and wining the games in a staggering manor. Who would ever though that a player like Ozil will be the first pick in the team and that he will play like a god. Fantastic! That Mourinho! What an unbelievable view of the game. But this was not the only goal of the game, many more followed. With a minute before the breack, the one and only, Cristiano Ronaldo has a free kick. He hits the wall and Arbeloa on the rebound sends a powerfull strike into the net. Ohhh! What a strike! This must be the shot of his live, I tell you, he will not score a better one.

After the break, just like in the first half, Real is the team that dictates the tempo and dominates the game. In the 68 minute of play, the same Ronaldo receives a pass from De Maria and sends a placed shot that makes the score line 3-0. He took that so gracefully!

With Real being in front with three strike, they didn’t retire in the defense, instead they play a corrosive football, maintaining the tempo and having until the end of the game an open play.

The last goal of the game was score again by Cristiano who closed the score sheet, after a well taken penalty. With a few minutes still left to play, I watched in dismay how Ramos and Alonso receive their second yellow card, thus being fully clean of bookings after the group stage is over. That’s the thing I don’t like at Mourinho, besides his well known arrogance, if you intend to win, do it fair play because a stolen and cheated victory is not a victory at all. Real won all its trophies in a fair play manor and that how I want to continue. Despite the result being a little shaded by the bookings, the victory is a great one for the Galactics, being favorites for this year Champions League.

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