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Paxson Wins The Game

Claim to Fame

Date of occurrence:


Chicago vs. Phoenix: 5 sec on the clock to the end of game 6, in the 1993 NBA finals (3-2 to the Bulls in the series), The Suns were up by 2 points 98-96, Horace Grant with the ball goes in and then passes, not the MJ, but to John Paxson, who was wide open beyond the 3 line. Paxson gets the ball and shoots it in like a champ! The Bulls win the game, win the series and win championship.

The Full Story


John Paxson played 9 seasons for The Chicago Bulls (1985 -1994), and yes he had some good games, but no real fame, that’s life under the shadow of Michael Jordan. In the end of game 6, in the 1993 NBA finals, it was his time to step up and shine. a year after that game Paxson retired.

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