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Louganis Jumps Again

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10/03/1988- The American diver Greg Louganis jumps and wins the Olympic gold medal, for 3m springboard diving. In the preliminary rounds Louganis hit his head when he jumped and stroked his head on the springboard and fell bleeding to the pool. About an 30 min later, he got back to the springboard and made the jump that sent him to the final and the gold.

Greg Louganis was born in 1960 and adopted in infancy by a couple from San Diego. He began gymnastics to relieve an asthma condition he suffered from, then started diving competitively. At the age of 11 he scored a perfect 10 in the Junior Olympics diving competition.

At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Louganis won the silver in 10m platform diving. at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles he won gold medals in both 3m springboard and 10m platform diving. Louganis was inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 1985.

At the Seoul 1988 Olympics, despite his head injury, Louganis won again the gold for 3m springboard and for 10m platform diving, becoming the first man to win both titles in successive Olympics.

Louganis’s many other victories during his career included the springboard and platform titles at the Pan American Games in 1979, 1983, and 1987, the platform title at the world championships in 1978, and the springboard and platform titles at the world championships in 1982 and 1986.

After Seoul Louganis retired from diving. Few years later it became known that before 1988 Olympics he was diagnosed as being HIV positive. Louganis didn’t reveal that information when was treated for his head injury in the games, but all those who came in contact with his blood were tested years later and found healthy.

Greg Louganis, a true gay Olympic hero

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