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Manchester wins final

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Manchester United-Chelsea 1-1 (6-5 at penalties)- Manchester played against Chelsea in the Champions League final and despite being dominated; they managed to win the big trophy at penalties.

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It was only the third Champions League final played between two teams form the same country. It was a well deserved place for the British football and back then, it was our time to shine.

The atmosphere in Moscow reached its peak when both team entered the pitch. Chelsea, with that season manager Avram Grant, reached their long awaited chance to win the much desired trophy. Abramovich was in the ninth heaven when he attended the game. Grant managed to reach the final with Chelsea, thing that Mourinho could not realize while he was the manager of the team. He was close, but never there. Manchester has tried to breach the gate into the final since the last season when they stopped in the semifinals of the competition.

The match started, the players took their places on the field and the managers on the benches, and after only 26 minutes of play, Cristiano Ronaldo has opened the score. The Devils fans were in paradise for a short period. First goal of the final! It was an interchange of passes between Sholes and the United defender, Wes Brown. Brown sends a long cross to Cristiano Ronaldo from the right flank and Cristiano heeds the ball past the goalie. The happiness for Man United only lasted for a quarter of an hour. Then, in the dying minutes of the first half, Essien has a long range shot from 30 yards and the ball is defected to Lampard who applies a simply finish and scores. The Blues are back in the game! Shortly after the first half ended and both teams walked as equals into the second half.

The second half had started and Man United did not recovered from the goal they’ve took. United looks like a pugilist who just had an encounter with the floor, and he doesn’t find the energy to get up and keep fighting. This second half had only one team on the field, and that on e was Chelsea. Drogba had a big chance to score and bring the trophy into the Bridge, but he hit the ball from distance straight into the left pots. Unfortunately for Chelsea, the match ended in a draw. Extra time followed, but all was square until the penalties.

There Cristiano Ronaldo almost makes his strike fade away into oblivion when he missed a penalty. Terry had a chance to end it all, but to his misfortune, he lost his footing and missed. What a chance for him to win the trophy! The captain, from all the players is that one that missed a penalty, and what an important penalty that was. I think Terry has nightmares even now, although a lot of time has passed since then. It was Nicolas Anelka that gave the trophy away to Manchester United. He was carelessly when he took the penalty and Van der Saar could catch the ball, thus becoming a hero for the Devils.

Glory, glory, for United! It was madness, United took the lead, slip up, slip up again and at the final hurdle, the team managed to maintain its composure and win Europe top football prize.

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