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Manchester United demolishes Roma

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Manchester United – AS Roma 7-1- Manchester win and qualify trough the next phase of the competition, after they crushed Roma with 7-1 on Old Trafford.

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If you are a real Devils fan like I am, you must surely remember the Champions League quarter-final clash that we had in 2007 against Roma. I fact, this must be one of the best memories ever if you are a football fanatic like me.

An unforgivable spring night on Old Trafford was ready to become a piece of Champions League history under our own eyes. On the pitch is the same Man United team that will have won the trophy next season, in 2008. The game started, and all hope was high because we only needed on goal to qualify trough the semi-final. Suddenly, after only two minutes of play Carrick opened the score! He bends one into the net, after he received a superb pass from Cristiano Ronaldo. Who would ever think that Carrick will open the score that night. Him, a defensive midfielder!

The second goal of the game was scored when the granddaddy of them all, Ryan Giggs had an excellent dribbles past a catatonic Chivu and crossed the ball into the box. There, the ball finds Alan Smith who takes it with aplomb and beats the keeper. After only another two minutes, the score sheet was 3-0 for Man United. What a night for the Devils fans! The semi-final was on our reach, heck, the trophy looked on our reach on that moment. This third goal of the game was scored by Rooney with the header after another excellent cross from Giggs. That Giggs, if only he was ten years younger.

Until the end of the first half, the score was changed once more by the one and only, Cristiano Ronaldo who sends a ball near post, beating the goalie. Hell, I surely miss that arrogant but gifted fellow. Since he left for Real, the team just did not look the same. But, that wasn’t the only goal in this match for the Portuguese superstar. He managed to get one more in the net shortly after the second half started. Then, from far post he delivers it home. What a match so far! Carrick scored his second goal in the 60 minute of the game with a placed shot over the keeper. What night for Roma keeper, Doni. Simply a nightmare for the poor fellow. I almost feel sorry for him, almost. The score sheet looked like one from a tennis match. Game, set and match for Man United with the score line showing 6-0.

The only goal for Roma in that match was scored by De Rossi, who netted a volley after he received a pass from Totti. Good strike, but simply…futile. The score sheet was finally closed by Evra when there were ten minutes left to play. He wanted bring one home and he did. Good composure.

What a night turned out to be for Man United and the fans. Sir Alex Ferguson said before the match that Man United will pull this one off and after the game was offer he surely fulfilled his promise to the fans.

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