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Liverpool makes miracles

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Milan- Liverpool 3-3 ( 2-3 penalty shootout)- In the Champions League final of 2005, Liverpool makes a superb comeback, even though they were three goals behind, and eventually win the trophy. 

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Some say that the final was full of tension and suspense, other say that this was the Miracle of Istanbul. I say that is the most beautiful Champions League final that I have ever seen. This game had it all, tension, suspense, tears, joy, agony and happiness. The game started and ended in the same way, with the both teams as equals, even though six goals were scored in the meantime.
The final of Champions League, season 2004-2005, was between Milan and Liver two teams with great football history who put in play on the pitch a marvelous show. The Ataturk stadium was packed full of spectator who came there watch a show and they weren’t disappointed at the end of the game. Suddenly, after the game started, AC Milan took charge of the game and was in lead within the first minute of play. The goal was scored by the captain Paolo Maldini even though he had the age at which some players become managers. In fact he was teammate with the actual Milan manager, Carlo Ancelotti.
Getting back to the game, Hernand Crespo scored a double for Milan and at half time, Berlusconi’s team lead the final game with 3-0. The Liverpool fans were paying for a miracle in the second half and a miracle they’ve got. When everybody thought it was over, the game has just begun. After the second half started, in the 54 minute of play, the amazing Steven Gerrard scored a great goal, giving to Liverpool and their fans a little hope. Then, what happen was simply astonishing, something magical, something you usually see in a Harry Potter book. This gave Liverpool a glimmer of hope, and like in fairytales this was all they need to make an astonishing comeback.
Liverpool scored another two goals in an interval that seemed like seconds to me and the match was even again. The goals were scored by Vladimir Smicer and the Spanish Xavi Alonso. It was a seven minute spell from the Cormorants and they were back into the game. The game ended, there were extra time rounds, but the game was all square until the penalty shootout. There, only great composure and lady luck will decide the team who will lift the trophy over their heads.
It was time for Jerzy Dudek to step into the spotlight and looked like he was flying from post to post, thus becoming the hero of the final. He mesmerized his opponent with a wicked style of movement on the line and managed to save two shots, one from Pirlo and the decisive one from Shevcenko. Milan has lost the trophy, even though at the end of the first half, they were they goals in lead. I think they celebrated too early.
Liverpool won the shootout with 3-2 and the players lifted the trophy over their heads, this as Stevie G said must be the best feeling ever for a football player. What a night turned out to be for Liverpool players, fans and spectators all over the world.


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