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Inter wins all

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Bayern Munich – Internationale Milano 0-2- Internationale, with Mourinho as their manager, managed to win the cup, the championship and the Champions League, playing the final against Bayern.

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Let me tell you a little story about the Champions League final of the last season. It was quite a game. Sneijder played against Robben, Mourinho played against his mentor Van Gaal.

The stakes were high and what team will win the final will manage to win all the trophies of the season, and so winning The Treble. The match started and the players were eager to prove themselves worthy for the place they’ve got in the first eleven.

Both teams approached the game in a caution manor for the first quarter of an hour. Slowly, Bayern took charge of the play, dominating the game, with Van Bommel pulling the string in the midfield compartment. Against the course of play, on the 34 minute of play, Inter ambushed Bayern and managed to score.

It was the manager’s favorite, Diego Millito the lad who managed to get one in the net. What an unpleasant surprise for Bayern’s fans! The German football machine started the game so well, they did not deserve to be behind. But, sometimes, that’s football, defense beats creation. That Mourinho! He can take a victory from any game if he sets his mind to do so. The first half ended and Van Gaal has to really motivate his boys to try and win the trophy, even though they are behind.

In the second half the storyline was the same like in the first half, with Bayern playing with expression and invention and probing Inter back-line time and time again. On several occasion, on the right flank of attack Robben managed to beat Chivu on the ball and managed to deliver some very good and accurate crosses. It was the German wonder kid, Thomas Muller who missed the big opportunities for the German passing machine.

The Bayern’s fans watched in dismay how their team could not pose a threat with their passes because they mainly passed from one flank to another and not straight forward. Following the same pattern like in the first half, Inter managed to score again in the same manor as they did in the first half. Again, Millito scored! He collected a pass from Sammy Eto’o, turning with an inventive first touch the defender and then scored brilliantly, side-footing the ball into the net. That looked almost two easy, the Bayern’s defense was in dreamland for a moment and shortly after, the reality was agonizing.

After that, the game respected the same pattern, with Bayern having now to make up from two goals. That proved somehow impossible for the Bavarians as Muller missing another great opportunity to score. The match ended and Inter was the grand Champion!

This season Inter is the queen of Europe. The team managed to win all trophies, a cup, a championship and mast important, a Champions League trophy. About who is the hero of the final, is hard to tell, it may be Mourinho that lead the team into the final or it may be Millito who scored the goals of the final. Either way, nobody could deny Mourinho his moment, nor his place in history.

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