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Gold after Gold, Paris Summer Olympics

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18.06.1900: Raymond Clarence Ewry managed to win 10 gold medals at 4 different Olympic games.

The Full Story

There are athletes who surpass all expectation and win a gold medal and athletes who amaze and excite by winning 2 or 3 gold medals. But, what do you say when an athlete wins 10 Olympic gold medals at 3 different Olympics. This is the story of Raymond Clarence Ewry, a phenomenal athlete who in no less then a decade was the best of the best at the disciplines and events he participated.

His story begins at the 1900 Paris Olympics, when the young Raymond participated and amazed an entire continent with his performances, he a boy who 3 years earlier received a bachelor in science degree and was seriously thing to become a scientist at a local university.

At the Paris Olympics, he managed to surpass all expectations and win every competition that finished with the word jump. So, he won the long jump, the standing high jump and the standing triple jump. 3 jumps and 3 gold medals!

What a way to start your career as an athlete! Just think that in those days, all the finals were held in the same day. I sure want to see a modern day athlete trying to compete in three finals and manage to win all three events. No offence, but compared to the athletes of those days, the modern ones look like puppies who try to win the big juicy bone.

For years latter, he manage to successfully retain all the three titles and further more, as a bonus, managed to set an world record at the standing long jump. So the number of gold medals was six in a two Olympics period. Not bad for guy that has a science degree!

After 2 years, the intercalated games followed, which were an anniversary edition of the Olympics, this being the 10th Anniversary Olympics, held at the place all stated, in Athens. Although many experts say this wasn’t a real Olympiad and that the performances achieved by the athletes should not count, the organization of the events and the recording of the results was far superior to the Olympics that followed in the next years, so making the Anniversary Olympic valid.

At that Olympic Raymond managed to win another two gold  medals and only two because one jumping event, the standing triple jump was canceled after the last Olympics, so Raymond only had two titles to defend, but managed to achieve two medals out of two events.

The London Olympics of 1908 followed and Raymond was the first contender and the crowed favorite when it came to jumping events. Without disappointing his fans, he managed to win another two gold medals, achieving that in a staggering manor. So there it is! This is the story of a man, an athlete, a titan who managed to win ten Olympic Gold medals and dominated the long jump events for more then a decade. His name is Raymond Clarence Ewry, the tenth most successful Olympian of all times, the man that won it all.

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