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Four gold medals, Summer Olympics Berlin

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Jesse Owens, an African-American, managed to win four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics, an Olympics held in a Nazis Germany.

The Full Story


The year of 1936 and the Nazism started ruling Germany and Europe. For that instance the summer Olympics, a tradition started again not too long ago, were held in the Nazi Germany, in the country capital Berlin. On the occasion, Hitler wanted to prove his nations superiority and the Aryan pure breed superiority, but one men stood to defy him and grab the much desired medals form the Nazi’s hands.

The Olympics events had started only for a few days now and Hitler watched in dismay as some of the gold medals were awarded to other peoples then his loved Aryan breed. Then, on that day, a man steps into the spotlight and wins the public. His name is Jesse Owens, an Afro-American who did not care much for politics, but who will manage at that Olympics to change the general opinion for the Afro-Americans. Let’s not make any false assumption that he won at the 1936 Olympics by accident, because a year earlier he managed to pull an astonishing performance when he participated  in five events and managed to set three new world record and tie a fourth one, all of that in only 45 minutes. Now, that’s a performance! And when you think that today’s athletes need a week brake after one lousy event. All that and Hitler still thought that the African-Americans were an inferior human race. How wrong will he prove to be!

Getting back to the Olympic events, Jesse first final was at 100 meters when he managed to win his first gold and set a frenzy in the audience. Owens second gold at the Olympics was at the high jump after the officials tried so hard to disqualify him in the qualification rounds. In trials they said that Jesse had crossed the black line when he made the first two jumps and that the jumps are not valid. Listening to his coach, Jesse jumped without touching the black line and eventually managed to win his second gold in the final. On that instance, a fellow German competitor congratulated him in front of Hitler and the two athletes became friends.

Keeping his performances in a high note, he managed to win his third gold medal at 200 meters dash, breaking the world record in that event. The gold medals won by the so called “inferior races “ made Hitler go nuts and two fellow compatriots of Jesse were disqualified form competing due to their Jew origins. With that controversy started, Jesse was picked by the USA team to compete in the 4X100 meters team relay. Showing great speed Jesse and the rest of the boys managed to win the first place, this being the forth gold medal at that Olympics.

With his incredible achievements at this Nazi Olympics, Jesse Owens surprised many experts, being very loved by the public. In fact, after the events 110 000 people cheered with enthusiasm this athletes performances. He latter on he had became a national hero in Germany and a street in Berlin has his name.

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