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Bolt sets record, 2008 Beijing Olympics

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22.8.2008: At the 2008 summer Olympics, Usain Bolt wins a gold medal at 100 meters and sets a new world record, doing that in a staggering manor.

The summer Olympic of 2008 was already started and the Jamaica national team still waited for the first gold medals in there trophy case. The Olympics started for several days and the athletes prepared for their finals. That day was the 100 meters final. The contestants warmed up for their runs and the crowed started saluting and started giving standing ovations to their favorites. It was a hot august day and the wind wasn’t blowing from any direction, thus making the perfect day for running.

The commentator all said that the favorite must be the world record holder Usain Blot and that he will do well in this event being a clear contestant for the gold medal. How right they turned out to be! Even though Bolt was the clear favorite, there was still great competition, because he will run against athletes like Asafa Powel and the American Gay.

After they finished their warm up and their stretching, the runners started taking their positions one after another. Usain Bolt was running on the fifth lane, being in the middle of the other runners. The spectators expected to see a great show and what a show they’ve got! The referee took his place, attracted the attention of the runners, lifts his gun in the air and pulled the trigger.

The athletes started their run and Usain Bolt had a relatively poor start. He recovers rapidly and surpasses all of his opponents. He manages to end the run in the incredible, amazing and unbelievable time of 9.69 second. Astonishing! He sets a new world record, breaking his old one established five months ago. What a run! He could have run even faster, if he didn’t slow down to celebrate before the finish.

Usain “The lightening” Bolt tock the 100 meters final by storm! He visible slowed down before the finish to celebrate his victory and his gold medal. Some said that this was a gesture of arrogance and cockiness, but he motivated his gesture as being a simple celebration for the fact that he managed to win a gold medal for Jamaica and that he didn’t think about setting a new world record. And if we look better on the replays of the run, his shoelaces were untied when he crossed the finish line. He had a reaction time of 0.165. That’s even faster than a Ferrari! And to think that he could have been faster if he would not ease up in the last 20 meters to pound his chest and gaze about his achievement.

The commentators were in crazyland for a moment. They shouted Bolt’s name time and time again and stated that he was the best sprinter that they have ever seen, praising his qualities. The first gold medal for Jamaica! In what a staggering way that medal was obtained by Usain Bolt. Unbelievable! But, that wasn’t the only medal for Bolt at that Olympics. He also won a gold medal at 200 meters and two days latter another gold medal at 4X 100 meters.

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