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Inter was lucky

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Inernationale was defeated by Barcelona on Nou Camp with 1-0. Still, they managed too qualify for the final, having one goal advantage from the first leg.

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It was the semifinal clash between Barcelona and Internationale Milano. Barca had to recover and score two goals to qualify, after they’ve lost in the first game with 3-1. It was a clash between Mourinho’s ingenuity in defense compartment and the passing style of Barca, the world famous tiki-taka. We, the Catalonians expected to qualify trough the final and win the trophy. After all, we were the last year champions, wining all the competitions we participated in.

Emotions and tensions were expected before the kick-off and the viewers all around the world expected a fantastic game. This match surpassed the expectations, even though this wasn’t a happy day for the Barca’s fanatics. The stadium was packed full, the atmosphere was delightful, we wore 98 000 vocal fans on Camp Nou. We all expected a victory from our favorite team. The match started and we shouted like crazy to encourage the team we love so much.

Since the beginning of the game, Inter was happy to sit deep and flood their defensive areas to protect the first lead advantage. Those cowards! That Mourinho! His team did not play a beautiful football at all, all they do is sit there and wait for our fellows to attack. It’s hard to score when you are trying to break a concrete wall. After 20 minutes of play we were in the ninth heaven. Thiago Motta saw the red card after he done several fouls on our players. Still, at the end of the first half, the score line remained the same and we all hoped that Guardiola will find a way to breach Mourinho’s defensive style.

The second half started and the game followed the same story-line like in the first one. Inter into the defense and we in the attack.  Internationale’s high pressure tactics and gamesmanship frustrated Barcelona’s squad, they just could not breach the defensive wall. Barca passed the ball again and again, having a typically fluid passing game, but only form one touchline to another, they did not managed to pass the ball forward. All was square almost until the end.

With 6 minutes before the final whistle, Barca managed to broke Inter’s back-line for the first time. It was the defender Pique who received a great pass in the box from Xavi, he turned with the ball inside the defender and slides one home for a goal full of tension and hope. What a great strike that was! Messi himself would be proud with such a well crafted strike. The goal looked like it was scored by a creative midfielder, not a defender. Pique shot sets a frenetic final! With second before the ending of the game we wore in heaven. Bojan had scored! The team qualifies trough the final! The trophy looked in our reach! Unfortunately for us, and for the Barca fans all around the world, our joy was short lived. Bojan strike was canceled by the referees! The referee gave Inter a free kick for a handball at one of our players. After that, the game ended. We wore in agony. What can I say, maybe Inter deserved their slice of luck.

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