Surfing Sally

Sally Fitzgibbons

05/09/2012- The young Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, wins Billabong Rio Pro 2012, beating her rival Coco Ho. Ho and Fitzgibbons were tight up until the end. When she was 14 Fitzgibbons won the ASP Pro Junior open, since then she has become one of the top women surfers in the world. After it was over and […]

Gilmore 5th Title

Stephanie Gilmore

07/14/2012- The Australian Stephanie Gilmore is the world champion (on the Women’s ASP World Tour) for the fifth time, almost in a row. Gilmore won the title “the first lady of surfing” in: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and now also in 2012. Gilmore’s fifth title places her definitively in the first row of surfing history, she […]

Slater Rules The Sea

Kelly Slater, the king of surfing

11/06/2011- Kelly Slater rules the sea waves once more and wins his 11th!!! ASP World Title. Slater secured his no. 1 spot on the ASP ranking in a surfing competition held in San Francisco. Slater is the greatest surfer out there and my personal hero. Slater began his pro surfing career back in the early nineties, […]

White Lightning

who is the greatest?

04/03/2012- Mick Fanning wins the “Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach” surfing competition and earns the no. 1 rank in 2012 ASP World Men ranking. The Australian surfer main rival in the event (and in his career at large) was the legendary Kelly Slater, but he managed to prevail. Fanning has already 2 world champion titles on […]