She Still Got It

who is the greatest?

03/26/2012- Johanna Quaas should be an inspiration to us all, at the young age of 86! the Grandmother Gymnast still got game as she showed all the spectators at the 2012 Cottbus World Cup, held in Cottbus, Germany. Quaas preformed a floor and parallel bars exercise and got the cheers she deserves The German gymnast was […]

Nadia was perfect, Montreal Summer Olympics

Nadia Comăneci

09.08.1976: At the Montreal Summer Olympics a world class gymnast and a well known celebrity was born. Nadia Comaneci managed to score a 10 in gymnastics, the first one in history. The achievement of perfection. Mankind has dreamed at that since the beginning of time. A 14 years old girl managed to do that at […]